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Interior design is the art or method of planning the interior, habitually including the exterior, of a room or building. An interior designer is someone who synchronizes and accomplishes such projects. Interior design is a multi-dimensional line of work that includes intangible expansion, collaborative with the sponsors of a project and the administration and accomplishment of the design.

Evangel Interior Design Firm is the Best Interior Design Firm in Bangladesh. This firm is the big competitor for other interior design firms. Evangel Interior has gain work efficiency and it has its own capacity of the equipment. They also enjoying the first mover advantages. To hold the number one position Evangel trying to diversify their services. Most lucrative part of Evangel Interior is the after sell service or the repair services. The most important thing is to maintain good relation with the clients by providing repairing services.

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Bedroom decoration is an art of mind. The way of designing is different from person to person. All people are concerned to have a well decorated and well-furnished bedroom. The traditional way for bedroom design was very simple where the furniture is placed according to the room size. But now things have changed, we are trying to give a beautiful look to our bedroom. Bedroom interior design is a presentation of mind. Earlier people only decorate the room with some necessary things but now it is more than that.

best home interior design bangladesh

Home decoration is an integral part of our life because we want to live in a beautiful place and it is also with peace of mind. People decorate their home with lots of ideas where each idea has a different attribution. Home can be large or small but the decoration can make a difference; sometimes a small home can be more attractive than the large one. Home decoration is also dependent on the taste and preference of the people. Some may find simplicity good and others may find that luxuriance better. Contact Vista Interior Design Firm for implementing best home decoration ideas.


Interior design is the process to set the space with the art of mind and emotion. Interior design is all about creativity and thought process where we set our space according to our choice. In Bangladesh, interior design has become very popular where people want to set their space in a way like trendy. Residential interior designing has become trends and fashion. Evangel Interior Design providing these interior designing services to the people. Residential interior designing requires an environment where creativity comes first. Residential Interior Design depends on choice and tastes of clients.

best hospitality interior design bangladesh

The hospitality interior design in Bangladesh has emerged in recent years. There are tremendous changes in the hospitality industry in Bangladesh. It’s all about to attract the consumers. The hospitality industry has become more concerned about clients and they do everything for the clients’ comfort. Now there are many five star hotels, resorts, guest houses established and all of these have been designed very well to satisfy the consumers. Again we see that in the hospitality business interior design plays a vital role in setting the attributes and facilities. Evangel Interior with its service changed the hospitality interior design definition in Bangladesh along with hospitality interior design trends.

Best interior designing company in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the most reputed interior design firm is the Evangel Interior Design Firm. They have the adequacy to drawing and design to decorate any kind of office. So far Evangel interior design has done many projects to accomplish the interior design. The interior design firm has so many high profile clients because it has proved itself a promising service provider company. In its long operation, it has done so many projects for Dhaka bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, Bank Asia, HSBC, Expeditor, Wart Silla, Cats Eye and so on. In recent years, Evangel Interior had completed a large number of projects. Evangel has gradually expanded its capacity of operation. The satisfactory level is very high for the company towards its clients. Evangel interior design has gained the high satisfaction of the clients for its good commitment towards the project. Evangel Interior Design has many long-term prospects for its quality of work. Evangel is famous for an interior design company in Bangladesh, interior design course in Bangladesh, interior design ideas in Bangladesh, interior design job in Bangladesh, the interior design of bedroom in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi interior design room decorating.

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In Bangladesh, the need for interior design has been emerged to create an environment where people can work peacefully and smoothly. In Bangladesh, it would be hard to find any organization which had not got any touch of interior design. To work systematically every office needs to decorate perfectly and the need of office interior design has arisen. Now a day’s office also needs to get the touch of the interior designer. The way of interior design is slightly different from the one to other interior design firms in Bangladesh.

best shop interior design bangladesh

To give a perfect look now a day’s shop are also being decorated by interior designer. The interior design for the shop is all about to give an attractive look to attract the customers. Different shops are decorating in different ways according to their characteristics. Like furniture shop will be quite different from the home appliances shop and a jewelers shop is quite different from a clothing store. So each shop has its own criteria to attract the customers and today’s world is a business world if you do not attract the customers then you will be lagging behind.

best living room interior design bangladesh

Our living room has different attribution than that of the bedroom and other rooms of the home. The living room is something that is used for watching TV or passing the time by sitting together with the family members. The decoration for a living room is quite different from other rooms. It depends on the theme of the design. Again there are some different themes in the decoration of living room. So it would not match one living room design with another living room design. To decorate the living room properly Gensler Architect in Bangladesh will be the best choice.

best commercial interior design bangladesh

The interior design firms are increasing in Bangladesh with a pull of interior services. There is the wide range of interior design ideas in Bangladesh. The interior design firms are covering many areas by their aristocrat interior design service. In Bangladesh it takes a commercial identity in their business and these firms are not bound to design for one sector. The interior design firms have come across with a wide range of services. The commercial purpose of interior firms is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. The interior firms have covered the areas like café, restaurant, Convention interior design, residential interior design, apartment, office, hospital, educational institutions, clothing outlets and much more.

best modern home interior design in bangladesh

A modern home is a fantasy for every person. People want to decorate their home with modern accessories to give the home a perfect look. Interior designers for the modern home have come out with some new ideas to give the homes a better look. The interior design ensures the right placement of the things needed for a home. The modern home interior design is actually some ideas to decorate the home with the better solution that makes people’s life easy. To decorate the home with modern facilities it requires a lot of electronic equipment to abolish the manual work. One idea to decorate the home with modern facilities can be the use of false ceiling with a greater space in order to keep the excess things which may cover the space of the home. The ceiling is good looking and the inside of the ceiling is used to keep unusual things. There are lots of interior design ideas to make the ceiling with a good design. The outside portion of the ceiling is decorated with different types of lights which look really good; people cannot imagine that the inner portion is being used to keep the unusual things. Interior design ideas have come out with some better solution in order to give a modern look to the home.