Hospitality Interior design in Bangladesh

There are many hotels and resorts in Bangladesh all over the country and each of them has interior touch. But all of them are not decorated or get an interior look in the same way. If we talk about the five-star hotels the first and foremost theme of these hotels is to attract the clients by its posh attribution. In such hotels, they first get the touch of interior design by decorating their entrance and basement. In hospitality interior, the designer gives a good look by using different types of lights as they use spotlights, chandelier etc. In the hotels, most of the time the interior designer use false ceiling which has different look. If we talk about the inside room colors of these hotels then it is literally different from traditional colors, for example, the interior designer uses copper or bronze colors for the basement and then they fix different colors of a spot light. The hospitality interior design simply creates a difference between home and hotels.

The theme of the hospitality industry is to make clients feel good so they create a different environment which is really different from home. But in their interior settings they always ensure that the client will feel comfortable. The hospitality interior design encompasses with all criterion to be decorated including painting, furniture setting, all kinds of fitting, the new version of the technology and so on. For the room designing, they use the latest model of all furniture and decorate the room in such a way that is a satisfactory thing for their respective guests. Now in Bangladesh, the hospitality sector is more concerned about the comfort level, for this reason, they even import the mattress from abroad. U cannot imagine that they use the latest technology in their card punching facilities which encompasses with the overall electricity connection of the whole room. The respective guest must get surprised to see all these fittings. The things have been changed and the hospitality industry in Bangladesh is in same international level and they do all these possible things by decorating through interior design.

Again the hospitality industry concerns for the foreigner guests so they also arrange something for the respective guests, like now in every hotel there is an arrangement for drinks especially alcohol. In many five star hotels there is bar arrangement and this is also being interior designed. Here they also create an environment by setting the things just like foreign countries. For example, they set dining in a way that makes comfort the guests with an attribute of a related environment. There will be low lighting a gesture of darkness all these ideas are being used by the interior designer. And the sofa set and chairs are far more different from the casual one, these things are also set by the interior designers.

In the five-star hotels, they set their dining place as a ballroom and this idea also came from the interior designers. The respective guests feel special by this attribute. Through the interior design, they even set their corridor very attractive. The corridor is also decorated by large good looking vase and through interior design, they set good looking carpets on the floors so that if anyone walk then nobody will feel disturbed.

In the five-star hotels, they also decorate the restroom through interior designers. The designer sets all the things in such a way that the room gets really a perfect look. The designer fixes the wall attached closet, freezer and even oven but they fix these things in such a way that nobody could find the wares. The interior designer also sets TV. In the room, the designer sets different types of lights in different shades which is really good idea to please the respective guests.

Another surprising thing is that there is an arrangement for music lovers in the five-star hotels. This place is decorated by the interior designer. The designer decorates the place in such a way that it expresses the motion of the environment. The things are getting better even better by the fusion of interior design

In the hospitality business if we talk about the other places like resort and guest house then they are also getting touch by interior design. Their inner attribute is different from the five-star hotels but they are also embellished with interior design. For the interior designer the main theme to design the place, create an environment to make relief the guests dullness. For this reason, the interior designer always tries to open space where the guest can fun and do grill party because this thing will be arranged through thoughtfully which the owner could not find. They use various themes and ideas from the interior designers. Even the hotel’s bathroom is also decorated by interior designer.

The hospitality business has been flourished in recent years and the need for interior design has also been increased, due to change in taste and preferences of the guests. People like the things which is perfect in hospitality business interior design gives this kind of perfection. All the things are related to each other although hospitality business is mainly service providing business but it needs full of perfection to create the perfect atmosphere. The perfect atmosphere comes from the interior design. Now we can conclude that these two businesses are related to each other. The emerged development of hospitality business will tend to develop the interior design business in Bangladesh.