Office Interior Design in Bangladesh

Every office or organization has its own theme and motive. Sometimes this motive can be expressed by the logo of the company and for this reason, the interior designer needs to create big memento and set it inside the office. This memento must hold the theme of the company, for this, the interior designer has a chance to show his or her creativity talent. Interior design work contains lots of creativity and for office decoration purpose it needs to be more careful in order to create an environment. There is no scope for error because under this environment the employees are going to work. So the design of the office must hold some attractiveness for which employees will work with better motivation. The office is surrounded by a different environment where people work. People experience a different environment where they work. The office is also decorated in such a way to encourage people to do the task. The office is full of necessary element and equipment which must be placed according to their proper position.


The interior design of office can be a motivating tool for the employees because they want to work in a place which is very well furnished and well decorated. This good thing will reduce their dullness and provide charm to work. The office decoration starts from the entrance. The entrance must be designed in such a way that makes it good looking. The designer can keep some plants to provide a green look, which is called green environment. The outlook of the office can be set with the logo’s color of the company. Already we can see it in some commercial banks office and telecommunication office. In Bangladesh, the office interior design started to follow the theme based decoration when some multinational companies establish their office in our country. They mainly introduced this idea.


To design any office the first consideration is to look at the size and space of the office. In Bangladesh, some offices are big in size and some are small. Sometimes the office setting is different for the different office. For example, if we look at the banks then we find that there is a line of desks and people are working together, this trend mainly simplifies their works. If we look at the other organization where there are too many layers then the office design will be different. In such kind of office, there will be a room for a higher level manager and all the necessary things will be placed perfectly. And the line manager and subordinates are placed in a simple line desk where they tend to work together. In designing the office the elements like furniture, lighting system, cooling system etc are set by the touch of interior design. In designing an office the interior designer must place everything perfectly in each and every corner so that it would be the perfect workplace.

In office interior design it is not necessary to cover every space by traditional doors. Now in every office, there is a vast use of sliding door in order to save spaces. Designers of Vista Interior Design firm in Bangladesh use stained glass in the door which transparent and these sort of glass is used everywhere in the office. To design the office the designer must consider about the hall room, conference room, training room, meeting room, rest room, even dining room and canteen room. The designer must consider that all the rooms exist in the office because the whole thing will create an environment for the workplace.

Each of the room has its own attributes so the interior designers must keep this thing in their mind. If we talk about the conference room then there will be the dashboard, video conference technology, round table, sound system, and chairs. These things must place carefully and perfectly and more over the room must be sound proof. So while decorating this kind of room in the office the interior designer must be conscious about it. The training room has different characteristics because employees are getting training in this room, so there may be some equipment to be set. The interior designer must set this office equipment carefully. Now the interior designers arrange office equipment in order to save the space of the office. If we think about hall room of the office then we find that it will also tend to be decorated by the interior designers. For the hall room, the room is basically large where all the employees can gather together for any occasion. There must be enough air passing system for the hall room; sometimes the interior designer can get architects advice to decorate the office room perfectly.

The office is the second home for the people so the office environment must be perfect for working. The interior design of office is creating the working environment; it is a motivating tool for the employees. The office design relies on the perfection of the interior designers. It is not so simple because to design the office the designers need to consider a lot of things. There is also a commitment to fulfill the desirable work for the organization. The commitment fulfilling criteria will ensure the further order to the interior designing firm. The office interior design can be different from other offices according to their preferences. But the main thing is to abolish the dullness of the office environment. The offices also contain a lot of modern equipment so the interior designing firms must have the capacity to provide the appropriate service to the organizations.