Residential Interior Design in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh residential interior designing needs to consider the cultural and religion aspects. These residential interior designs must be accepted by the people because for any service or product people are the most important element, these people can accept or reject the service or product.

In Bangladesh, the need for residential interior designing had emerged through the Berger paints and other paints where they introduced the way to decorate the rooms. In the earlier time, interior designing people could not think about different colors for different rooms. They could only think about light color and that was only sky blue color but now interior designing has come with some fusion. In interior designing, many colors are being used to decorate the residents. In residential interior designing it requires full of art to cover the spaces, furnished with furniture, matching curtain with the colors and over all create a new environment in order to make a difference with traditional residents. In Bangladesh residential interior designing has come out with a combining business because it requires architects, furniture dealers, engineers, painters, owners of building etc. In a way with this interior designing business, other related businesses have also flourished in Bangladesh.

Residential interior designing can make a difference with the traditional home decoration. In residential interior designing the designer makes a difference by applying different colors, some rooms will be in deep colors and some will be in light colors. In residential interior designing there is a common application of false ceiling in order to hide the unusual things, otherwise these things will cover the spaces and make the rooms congested. In Bangladesh the residents are full of unnecessary things which make the residents ugly but now interior designing has removed this problem. In residential interior designing things are being placed in such a way to look good. Now there is a common room, called living room which was introduced by the interior designers. Although the apartments have introduced this living room idea but they also borrowed the idea from interior designers. In Bangladesh there is introduced a new trends of studio apartment which was also a form of residential interior designing. To create the studio apartment the interior designer must keep his /her mind the religious value and cultural context of Bangladesh. Religious value is something very touchy like not to set the bathroom or commode on west face, not to cover the walls of again west face. In residential designing it is not only applicable for only one religion, there is another religion like Hinduism they would like to keep their religious things on east side of the residents, so the interior designers must have clear consideration over this religious aspect.

In Bangladesh, the residential interior designing consists a number of works in order to create the space.  At first, the interior designer must select the colors and different types of colors to paint the walls. In posh residents the interior designer can color the walls with fusion, now in Bangladesh it is possible because Berger paints and some other paints like Asian paint, Elite paint, RAK paint, Roxy paint are able to provide this feature. In residential interior designing there can be raised a need for a small artificial wall then the designer must set this with the consultation of architect or engineer. Again the floors will be tiled floor, it would be marble tiles or normal floor tiles, must be decided by the interior designer of the residence. Nowadays the interior designers fix the closet shelves and Showcase in the wall in order to save the space of the resident. The curtains are being matched either with the furniture’s color or with the wall’s color; in residential interior designing it is also very important to make the house good looking. In residential interior designing the other fittings are also important such as kitchen cabinet, kitchen chimney, oven, electric mixtures etc. Then the interior designers decide to decorate the walls with some authentic paintings and artificial flowers are also used to make the house different. Nowadays the uses of artificial plants and trees have increased in houses through the interior designing.  In residential interior designing it is not like that , only rich people can afford it but the middle-class people can also afford interior designing to make their houses better.

Now in Bangladesh, the interior designing business has emerged with lots of future prospects as it is surrounded with other related business. And the need for residential interior designing is increasing day by day. Lots of teaching institutions provide courses on interior fashion designing. The residential interior design business has already spread all over the country in Bangladesh. So interior designing business has a great opportunity for the people who are interested in sole proprietorship business or partnership business. In Bangladesh interior, designing business can be a source of income to the people because it has lots of prospects in the future.

In Bangladesh, the need for residential interior designing is increasing day by day because a well-decorated house is a presentation of the sophisticated mind. The home is not more home, it is a representation of the way of living through residential interior designing. Residential interior designing is completely an art of mind but not an abstract thinking at all. For residential interior design we do not need to go too far because there are lots of interior designing firm in Bangladesh .